Safe Space Policy

Liverpool Against the Cuts is a diverse group open to all who oppose austerity. Membership of indisputably pro-austerity parties such as the Tories and UKIP is inconsistent with our aims.


Amongst LATC members there will be honest disagreement and  robust discussion but we are united in a common aim.  Everyone who opposes austerity should feel welcome at our meetings, able to express their viewpoint and have their ideas treated with respect.  All members should treat each other with comradeship and assume that all contributors are speaking in good faith.   Undermining language and personal criticisms are not acceptable.


LATC in particular recognises the discrimination experienced by certain groups and opposes racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, sectarianism and all other forms of prejudice and oppression. Prejudiced language and behaviour will not be tolerated.


Members and supporters of fascist organisations such as the BNP, National Front, North-West Infidels and similar are not welcome  and will be ejected from the meeting.


It is the responsibility of the chair, the committee and of all members to ensure that we adhere to these standards.