Open letter to Liverpool City Councillors

The resignation of the head of social care shows an honest response to a desperate situation.  It is no longer possible to provide for the needs of their population and carry out Tory cuts.


Samih Kalakeche says “If we don’t do something within the next six months, I believe social services will not exist by 2018 to 2019.”


There can now be no argument that it is the lesser of two evils for the Council to implement Tory cuts rather than have the same cuts imposed. Nor can there be any illusion that we can hang on until there is a change of government in 2020.  No matter who implements the cuts, provision for social care faces destruction over the next year.


Liverpool Council meets on 8 March to plan their budget for 2017 to 2018.  In these circumstances I would urge the Council to set and carry out a budget which meets the actual care needs of our fellow citizens over the next year.  Such a budget would have tremendous support from the people of Liverpool.   Given the unpopularity of the Tories nationally, would the government dare to act against a Council whose only crime is to care for the elderly and disabled?  


I call on councillors to follow their consciences and in their budget of 8 March, to plan for adequate funding for adult and children’s care.