Fight Local Government Cuts

Since 2010, Liverpool's annual budget has been cut by 68%  ( 436 million a year less to spend than in 2010.)  Adult Social Care, libraries and Youth Services have all been cut to the bone. These cuts (now amounting to over £400 million per year) are not "one-off": each year they carry on and more cuts are demanded. In March 2021, a further £15.4 million has been cut from the budget.   

Lives will be lost.

Tory commissioners will try to enforce these cuts.

The current Council strategy is to allow the Commissioners to dictate policy, and wait for a change of national government in the future. This is no longer realistic - by the time of a new government nothing will be left. Of all the cuts made - to education, NHS etc. because of austerity, the greatest have been the cuts to Local Government funding.  We need a national campaign to demand the money needed for our communities.


But the start of any campaign is local:  join our next meeting: 

7 00 Wednesday 25 May 2022  to discuss how to take our campaign forward .

Email us on  for the zoom link.