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Save All One Stop Shops

All eight of the Council's One Stop Shops have been closed over the pandemic.  In order to save money the Council now proposes to close six of these, retaining one in each end of the city, with further part-time provision in various community buildings. The idea is that residents can pursue their queries on line.  Although there will be no compulsory redundancies, the service is being cut from approximately 150 staff to 34 so there is a huge reduction in the service provided.

One Stop Shops are essential to the most vulnerable members of the community:  those with Housing benefit problems, those facing eviction and homelessness, and those who suddenly find themselves with no money to deal with a crisis situation.

As we come out of lockdown and face even greater austerity, the need for face One Stop Shops will increase:   many people in this situation have no money for bus fare, no access to broadband, are dealing with a complex situation which needs one-to-one explanation, or for whom English is a second language. If there isn't a One Stop Shop in their local area, they will simply not get the help they  need to survive.

We are determined that the Council should change their mind on this issue: the money involved is not huge and the effects on our citizens will be disastrous.

Join us next Friday (18 June) at 12 00 noon in a Circle of Love around Wavertree One Stop Shop (Picton Road).

Sign the 38 degrees petition!  We are aiming for 5000 signatures  To sign click here.


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